Thank you for your interest in working with Devices for Dignity.

We are interested to hear about:

  • Unmet needs – things which make day to day living with a long term health condition difficult. You do not need to have an idea or invention to fix this. We are interested also in people’s lived experience which can shape development of new devices
  • Ideas/solutions in response to unmet needs, at any stage of development
  • Collaboration requests from industry, academia and healthcare professionals

There are certain eligibility requirements for acceptance of projects onto the Devices for Dignity portfolio:

  • The need/solution must support living well for longer, dignity and independence for people living with one or more Long Term Conditions.
  • The need/solution must fit within one or more of the clinical themes, namely:
    • Long Term Neurological Conditions
    • Diabetes
    • Renal
    and the cross-cutting themes of:
    • Assistive Technology & Connected Health
    • Rehabilitation Technologies
    • Human Factors
    • MedTech Innovation
    • Integration & Impact
  • The collaboration request cannot be seeking solely adoption/diffusion support to access the market. We advise you to contact the AHSN network for this support.
  • The solution must be responding to an unmet need and you must have undertaken some exploratory research that supports this.
  • D4D support requires funding hence your collaboration request should indicate awareness of this and preferably some indication of from where you expect funding to be sourced.

To contact us, please click the 'continue' button below and fill in the form. Information provided via this page will be used as the basis of whether your enquiry will be progressed by the Devices for Dignity core team so we would advise you make it clear what support you are seeking – more information on Devices for Dignity services can be found on our website.